The Use Of Communication In Superattural And Gray's Anatomy And Supernatural

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Communication is key in everyday life and it is also an intricate part of television. Without the use of communication, you would only be watching a blank screen because everything about the show communicates details that are essential to the program. There are two in particular that display excellent communication; the tv shows being compared and contrasted are Supernatural and Grey’s Anatomy whereas supernatural is an action fiction, thriller, Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama. In a medical drama such as Grey’s Anatomy, most of the action takes place in a hospital setting, whereas in an action thriller like Supernatural, conflict often takes place in dark abandoned buildings. These chosen places relate back to communication and help bring forth certain emotions that further draw the viewer into the episode. Given the types of conflict associated with action thrillers and medical dramas, Supernatural’s atmosphere should be eerie and suspenseful, whereas Grey's Anatomy should be thought provoking and dramatic. The rooms where action most often takes place in both shows are incredibly contrasting, seeing as both shows are meant to communicate very different things. Most often in Supernatural the actions that take place are in large abandoned buildings, with many dark open spaces and closed doors with unknown things behind them. These environmental elements nonverbally add to the atmosphere of the scene, dark spaces are often thought to be the hiding place of corruption,

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