The Use Of Corporal Punishment The Lad

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Hardman is indeed one of those lads who doesn 't realise just how far they push things inappropriately. If this isn 't addressed, then the lad will end up in some serious trouble. Staff Wilding knows that he needs to steer the lad back onto the straight and narrow and that the only way to do this, is to administer a very serious dose of pain. With game, hard lads like young Hardman, the only real solution is to make sure every dose of Corporal Punishment the lad gets is so severe that the amount and intensity of pain that is administered to his buttocks makes the lad toe the line, for fear of how bad it will be if he needs another dose. Lads like young Hardman will always present a challenge to any man that has to lay this on and the…show more content…
There should always be a general level of fear of punishment when dealing with lads and men - it is ultimately the only way to keep them in line and focussed on going forward in the right direction. It also brings out the best in proper lads and men because they grow through endurance in adversity. Fear of a punishment is indeed fundamental to the success of a lad 's punishment regime. As you say, that fear needs to be high enough to make him change his ways and want to avoid being punished. The greater a lad 's suffering, the better it is for him, as it both addresses the atonement element and also makes him want to avoid that level of suffering again. Plus, I couldn 't agree more, that the greater the challenge that the lad has to overcome, because he 's enduring pain at levels that he 's never experienced before, the better and stronger that the lad will be when he gets through it.  Staff Wilding is a hard and resolute man, who knows that it will ultimately do the lad good, even though he will suffer greatly in the process. But it has to be done and this really is what Hardman needs, because when he is being really challenged by his birching, it will make him think about what he has done to deserve it and what he needs to do to avoid another taste of the Army Birch in the future. I hope this means that the next time Staff Wilding has to administer the Army Birch to young Hardman 's buttocks that he puts his back into
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