The Use Of Diffusion Between Cultural Participation Function And Support Veganism Essay

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Established in 1944 by Donald Watson, modern-day veganism has become an increasingly popular lifestyle through recent decades. Veganism is a very strict diet. It involves a strong commitment and can also restrict certain fashion statements in some way or form. Vegans avoid any consumption of any [animal related food or fabric that has been fabricated with animal skin]. Although many, do not see the vegan choice as a reasonable way to a healthy living, many Americans have seen their diet change being influenced by popular artists, such as Beyoncé, who endorse the idea of veganism. As mentioned by Elizabeth Cherry and her concept of the diffusion between cultural participation function and support veganism, this paper will be demonstrate how the music industry has inclined many Americans to dramatically transition their diet as omnivores to vegans. Cherry believes that there are two groups of vegans; “those in the punk subculture and those who were not – and investigates how they defined and practiced veganism differently”(Cherry 1). Becoming a vegan punk according to Cherry, is seen to “describe a state of mind and a willingness to change society more than a sartorial display, this is accomplished through a DIY ethic, characterized by independent bands, record labels, and book presses, as well as a politically progressive way of living”(Cherry 5). With this in mind the reader can infer that veganism can be tied in with the modern hipster and the industrial musical culture.
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