The Use Of Dogs And Cats On The Human Society And Income

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The year 10,000 BC was the beginning of domesticated dogs and cats in the United States and over the past 12,000 years there are now between 144 million to 176 million owned companions in the United States. Due to all of the economic and income growth over the past 12,000 years the purpose for these well-known companions has expanded gradually. Dogs and cats have been a beloved companion in families for centuries, but has it ever occurred to you how these animals became domesticated and how they have impacted the human society and income? Today, we as a society are familiar with the concept of dogs and cats being owned and used as companions. These domestic creatures give humans love, affection, comfort, and security when in need, but what about their original purpose for domestication? Before a cat was ever considered something to cuddle up next to late at night they were mainly purposed to hunt mice and other little rodents that crept into granaries at night and soon store owners began to feed the cats or served them leftover foods mainly around Egypt and China.(Domestic Cat). Dogs were domesticated in a different manner than our feline friends. To hunter-gatherer societies, dogs acted as protectors of the society and foods towards any outside predators and also later became a “hunting partner” alongside humans when they ventured near campsites. Soon after livestock became domesticated dogs began to act as herders and guardians of sheep, goats and cattle.(Dog).

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