The Use Of Drones In Law Enforcement

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affairs and rightly gave them distinct powers as commander in chief . However, this did not mean that congress was expected to retreat into the background but instead were given the power to declare war and to regulate trade. Furthermore, over the years, the inclination of congress to make vast allotments to presidents have been even more noticeable in the area of foreign policy than in domestic policy. In foreign affairs, it has typically been viewed that presidents have benefited from the uncertainty of the governing structure by affirming power not openly granted to them and to implement their policy agendas in whatever ways they find possible. The Power of Veto The power of the veto granted to the executive branch is one of the few…show more content…
The advancement of technology has created new investigative tools for law enforcement but these advancements have corresponded with constitutionality challenges under the fourth amendment. The use of drones as as investigative tool can provide benefits to law enforcement however, the use of drones can lead to privacy concerns which need to be addressed as well. The use of devices for the benefit of law enforcement must be examined in regard to both the efficiency and efficacy of law enforcement techniques as well as the privacy rights of those citizens in which the government wishes to monitor. According to the Fourth Amendment, people are provided the right “to be secure of their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause.” Furthermore, the amendment forbids the government from “conducting unreasonable searches and seizures” which could allow citizens to pursue lawsuits against those involved with unlawful searches. This leaves the question as to whether reliance on technology can render a search or seizure unreasonable such through the use of drone surveillance. Drones are aircraft which function without the presence of individuals within the aircraft and instead function remotely or independently varying in size from a vessel as small as “insect to the size of a commercial airplane.” Furthermore, drones are equipped with “high powered cameras, thermal scanners, license plate readers, moving target indicators, LADAR, LIDAR and facial recognition software.” The use of drones provides a great benefit when used in areas such as mapping, environmental protection, delivering packages and rescue missions, however, their benefit
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