The Use Of Drugs In Sports

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This week’s recitation readings touched on a topic that both frightens and intrigues me. While the I have always been aware of the presence of performance enhancing drugs and the consequences of such in sport and other physical areas of competition, I have never taken the time to expand on such thought in any way that might suggest that similar enhancements through the use of drugs or other means may take place in an academic or intellectual realm. As presented in all four provided articles, ‘chemical mental enhancement’ through current prescription drugs and developing pharmaceuticals is on the rise and a pressing matter that is already producing problems and controversy and will soon be an issue that our society will be unable to ignore.…show more content…
Smart Drugs…, also provides information on the studies and research that has been completed and is ongoing due to the aforementioned concerns. Through such studies, it has been revealed that certain drugs do seem to improve a plethora of cognitive functions including short-term memory, attention span, reaction time, and even the ability to reflect on decision making. The potential benefits of taking prescription drugs despite the absence of the intended deficit or ailment has already intrigued desperate high school and college students, and even those not currently in school, such as the military (as seen in the testing of Modafinil by the British Armed forces). Unfortunately, despite the numerous ongoing and completed studies, the true long-term effects of these drugs on the physical and mental wellness of healthy citizens is not yet known and the interest in such is only growing and growing so exponentially that many new drugs targeting different, specific areas of the brain are currently in development and could potentially become legally available, “…within the next couple of years”(Times 4).
While reading through the articles, the lines between what seems ethically right and wrong seemed to blur due to the lack of information on the long-term effects of the discussed drugs, and the seemingly helpful and innocent benefits that each of us could be reaping. Although I found myself cautiously optimistic about neurological enhancers after reading the
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