The Use Of Electrical Probes On The Brain

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The brain is one of the most complex organ in our bodies. To learn about the brain scientists use electrical stimulation. Electrical stimulation is the use of electrical probes to determine functions of the brain. Clinical observation of patients have also helped scientists learn more about the brain. Case studies of different patients such as Phineas Gage have helped to learn about the different functions of the brain and how they work together to perform complex activities. (Barron’s AP Psychology 6th Edition)
Different maps are taken of the brain in order to determine if there are any problems with the brain. An electroencephalogram (EEG) is used an amplified read out of the brain waves. A magnetic resonance imaging scan (MRI) gives a detailed picture of the brain’s soft tissues. It also shows the structure of the brain. A function magnetic resonance imaging scan or function MRI (fMRI) shows the function of parts of the brain as well as the brain’s structure. It also has the ability to show when a person is lying. Scientists also use a neuroimaging technique called a positron emission tomography scan (PET scan) to view the brain. (Barron’s AP Psychology 6th Edition) The PET scan shows each brain area’s consumption of chemical fuel which is glucose. There is a scale for the PET scan to determine activity in the brain when performing a certain action. The colors range from purple to red, purple represents no activity while red represents very high activity. The PET scan can
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