The Use Of Electronic Media And Social Media

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Social media also known as electronic media has become ubiquitous for teenagers and has been exponentially increasing. Communication which once was in person or by telephone now can be done online without physical contact or connection. Adolescents spend countless hours of their lives attached to devices with the intent of communicating with others, sharing their daily lives, and acquiring new information, but neglect the other aspects of their lives by spending more time on social communication and social networking sites. The use of electronic media has made teenagers lack the desire getting outside their rooms, eating lunch beside the computer and repeating the schedule often can seriously lead on sedentary life. This sedentary life can affect mind and body. Adolescents who get stuck at sedentary life tend to eat more junky foods. The mind of teenagers escapes curiosities of forcing the body to take more quick calories which usually can be found in fast foods that are not healthy and become worst when the subject lack on movement and exercises. For example, children who spend many hours in the computer felt hungry and usually end up on ordering fast foods or pizzas. Their lifestyle can affect the desire of join in activities with others. Although, sedentary life has its own stages and usually tend to aggravate. Sometime adolescent who face this issue feels frustration among friend due to their inactivity and tend to close more on this sedentary life where they find
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