The Use Of Embryonic Stem Cells In Medicine

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Researchers are constantly looking for ways to cure and treat all kinds of diseases, so why are there limits being put on the kinds of treatments that can be used to treat or cure a disease? Embryonic Stem Cells can be used to treat many different diseases, but some people have their opinion that using these stem cells in medicine is unethical because they are coming from a human embryo. There are countries that have banned the use of embryonic stem cells in medicine, and in America there are people arguing that it should be banned here. But what about all of the lives that these stem cells are saving, what if research continues and these embryonic stem cells end up being a cure to a disease? With this in mind, human embryonic stem cells…show more content…
Once the stem cells are derived from either the In Vitro Fertilization embryo, or the aborted fetus they are then put into a cell culture where they can grow. If the cells stay alive during this time period they are sent to other laboratories for research.
In addition to research, these types of stem cells are used to restore and repair damaged tissue in all kinds of diseases. Embryonic stem cells are so useful because they have pluripotency, which means that they can differentiate into any human cell type. The cell types that they are commonly induced in are neural, heart, liver and insulin pumping beta cells that are similar to the pancreas. Since these embryonic stem cells can be differentiated into so many types of cells, they are able to treat diseases like: Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, diabetes and many more. When people are sick the first action they take is going to the doctor to get prescribed a pill, or they may get some type of injection. The same is true with people who have diseases. But these pills and injections are not curing the sickness, they are controlling the sickness. Unlike pills and injections, embryonic stem cells can restore and repair tissue that has been damaged because of a disease. (Human Embryonic). Isn’t it a better option to just fix the problem altogether instead of just fixing it temporarily? While embryonic stem cells can restore and repair tissue, there also can be a risk when inducing them into

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