The Use Of Excessive Force By Police Officers

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The use of excessive force by police officers is a topic that continues to make headlines and a study that needs to be done. Although much research has gone into this topic there still is no consensus on why the use of excessive force occurs. Some studies suggest lack of training and/or problems with organization policy/procedures. Law enforcement officers are authorized to use force when necessary, but when the level of force is excessive, however, the actions of the police come under scrutiny. The resulting effects can include; public outrage, scandal, negative reputation for not only the officer but the law enforcement community, and criminal considerations. Although there’s is no concrete definition of excessive force, police officers are often faced with the decision of using force to subdue suspects. Reasonable levels of force are guessed by cops on the street, second-guessed by police review boards and sometimes tested in civil lawsuits and criminal prosecutions on a case-by-case basis. This research will examine the effect of non-lethal training efforts and policy implementation to reduce excessive force by police officers. Problem Statement
Law enforcement agencies may have kept up with changes in technology; non-lethal training and policy (implementation) have not become priority.
Purpose of the Research
The purpose of this research is to identify if law enforcement agencies who regularly train and practice non-lethal means have lower cases of excessive…
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