The Use Of Flint And Its Effects On Our Modern Society

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There are amenities in our modern society that many take for granted. We do not have to take our garbage farther than our property line to expose of it. We do not fear the night due to the accessibility of our electricity. Unspoken competition between neighboring lawns can be held thanks to our modern plumbing. But what happens when one of these amenities, not only is cut off from use, but become a danger to you and your family? A city in Michigan called Flint, who over ninety-nine thousand Americans call home, experience tribulation that brought national attention to this once thriving city. The citizens of Flint could no longer use their own running water in their homes due to how polluted it was and still is. In this essay, we will…show more content…
G., 2016). This is where decisions began to be made that lead to the Flint’s water crisis. Ed Kurtz, who is emergency manager, hires an engineer team to switch the water source of the city of Flint. Their plan was to switch the water source from Detroit and move it to the water coming from Lake Huron. This would save the city of Flint nineteen-million dollars over eight years. But before they could change their water sources, they would have to temporarily use the water from the Flint river. This would allow the Flint city’s engineers to build the pipeline to Lake Huron. (Sanburn J. G., 2016). On April twenty-fifth 2014 the city of Flint switched its water source from Detroit to the river of Flint. Days after the water source had been switch to Flint river water, reports from Flint residents came flooding in about strange smells and colors in the water. By August, “city officials had issued a boil advisory for the water after E. Choli bacteria was discovered in the water” (Sanburn J. G., 2016). The automobile company, General Motors, announces that it will no longer use Flint’s water stating that it was corroding its engine parts. Children were getting sick. Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha from the Hurley’s Children Ward states, in the article Toxic Tap, “It had to take evidence that children were being poisoned for people to listen, and that is too late.” The Hurley Medical Center
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