The Use Of Force And Gender Symmetry

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The findings demonstrate that men commit battering against their current of former female partners much more often being victims of battering. The findings are consistent with findings from national crime survey data, revealing that women 's use force is often in self-defense, retaliation, or to express anger, stress or frustration, whereas men 's use of violence is often to control and exercise power over their partners. Thus, the motivation for violence differs between men and women. Furthermore, the damage caused by women when using force does not equal to that caused by men. Therefore, gender symmetry does not exist in domestic violence.
Main Findings
Use of Force and Gender Symmetry Gender symmetry in terms of domestic or intimate partner violence argues that the rates of domestic violence for men and women are equivalent. That is, women are just as likely as men to be the abuser/assaulter as men. Additionally, women use force to the same extent as men. In other words, men and women use force equally. Miller argues otherwise. Miller acknowledges that women do engage in using force, but their use of force is very different from men 's in terms of violence and motivation. She states that there are simply not an equal number of battered wives and battered husbands. In support of her argument, Miller draws data from previous research which continuously shows that men use force or threat to instill fear. They use multiple ways of causing fear in order to gain control of
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