The Use Of Force By William Carlos Williams

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In the short story the doctor was trying to pry mathilda’s mouth open. May a doctor have more power on whether to lie to his patient’s or to tell them the truth. A physician should respect the patient’s wishes on whether to live or whether to die. “The Use of Force’’ by William Carlos Williams brings up the question if it is ever justifiable for a medical professional to use force. First of all in a topic in the “MSNBC Equality/Health” talks about a law forcing doctors to lie to patients about abortion. It states”while the american public focused on the controversial “religious freedom” bill passed in Indiana last month, two other states also made far-reaching and dangerous political moves: Arizona Gov. Doug Dacey and Arkansas Gov. Asa…show more content…
The doctor and his patient portray a troubled encounter that is subject to discussion. This short story reflects real or plausible issues comparable in real life. One example of such an event in Brooklyn when a construction worker filed a lawsuit against a hospital for subjecting him to a rectal exam against his wishes. According to his lawyer, the man begged,”please don’t do that’’ as he was held down, and he punched one of the doctors before being sedated and examined without consent. As a result the man allegedly developed post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the experience.(Tsai,1) Given to the poor man’s circumstance and how the medical professionals treated him, you can now see how unfit doctors can be to their own patients. How this man plead ‘’no’’ but the doctors did not stop. Sure there are some cases that doctors can act without a patient 's permission in some situations. If It’s an emergency, and neither a patient nor his family members are capable of making a decision on the spot, then and only then doctors might go ahead and presume consent.(Tsai, 2) But this could be because the patient is unconscious or because he or she lacks the mental capacity to make an informed decision. But to this construction man that was not the case. He told the doctors no but they didn’t listen and for that reason that he was conscious doctors can not be completely trusted. Finally,
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