The Use Of Fossil Fuels

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What do we use fossil fuels for and what problems do they lead to?

Reduce the effects that it has on the planet. Recent use of fossil fuels have created pollution, global warming and climate change, therefore we need to use technologies to change this.

Fossil fuels are used in many things, such as industries, transportation and in construction.

Many countries have sought to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels by developing sources of renewable energy (such as wind, solar, hydroelectric, tidal, and geothermal) while at the same time increasing the mechanical efficiency of engines and other technologies that rely on fossil fuels.

Fossil fuel power plants burns carbon fuels such as coal, oil or gasses, but this also creates carbon dioxide while making electricity. The large amounts of carbon dioxide being produced, causes climate change. They can also produce other pollutants, such as sulphurous oxides, which cause acid rain.

Carbon, capture and storage is one of many technologies that help reduce the amount that carbon dioxide that is being released into the atmosphere. The technology involves capturing CO2 produced by large industrial plants, compressing it for transportation and then injecting it deep into a rock formation at a carefully selected and safe site, where it is permanently stored.

If we keep burning fuels in the next over the next 300 years would increase temperatures in some areas of the globe by up to 20C,

What is carbon capture and briefly
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