The Use Of Information And Communication Technology Essay

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The use of Information and communication technology (ICT) for language practice has a long history, and mobile learning launched when the first project to use mobile phones in language learning which was developed by the Stanford Learning Lab to help Spanish learners (Brown, E, 2001). Today the communication technology has become one of the necessities of modern learning and communication, for instance most Chinese schools and classrooms set up groups to sending their announcements, and multimedia to students on widespread social mobile applications to communicate and sharing audio, photos, videos it is called (WeChat) and it has more than 800 million users all over the world (Lien, C. H. and Y. Cao, 2014).
Previous studies in mobile learning which have highlighted some key benefits that mobile learning can offer both educators and students most of them reported some mobile applications functions such as vocabulary practicing, grammar quizzes some evidences, word and phrase translations most of the reviewed studies are experimental, small-scale, and conducted within a short period of time and they often adopted quantitative methods to indicate positive effects of mobile learning in language acquisition in general terms and some studies show that learners have a positive attitude towards the use of mobile technologies for the second and foreign language acquisition (Cavus and Ibrahim, 2009; H.Kukulska et. al, 2008; Chih. K.C & Ching-K.H, 2011; Liu, Z, 2014).
On the other
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