The Use Of Juvenile Symbols Produced For Nurses And Nurses

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The nursing topic at hand is the “Nurses Juvenalia Problem”, this is an issue that involves the use of juvenile symbols produced for nurses and by nurses. Juvenalia literally means works produced by a young person. The issue of this arise in instances where grade-school hospital decorations, teddy bears, colorful scrubs, and juvenile images in advertisements cause people to underestimate the hard work that goes into nursing. Nurses want to be taken serious but when they associate with certain symbols in the professional setting it comes off as juvenile. An example of this issue is an instance in which a nursing school decorated their halls with butterflies and hearts, which they use to give a softer look to the “cinder-block look of the institution”. The nursing hall was the only part of the school decorated to produce a cute and cuddly environment that the other students of law, and medicine did not see as professional. This gives off a struggle for nurses and nursing students to be accepted academically with other disciplines who have a more mature environment (Buresh & Gordon, 2006). Consequently, in hospitals, childlike decorations by nurses can cause a look of inferiority to the other healthcare professions. The use of juvenile images in nursing organizations takes away the professional massage and status that is trying to be broadcasted. For example, the American Heart Association deals with serious cardiac issues, but their logo is a cut out of childish dolls

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