The Use Of Literary Elements InBlood On The River : Jamestown 1607

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Can you name any historical fiction author who has written stories with a balance of both historic education and an intriguing story that hooks you in every time you read their book? One of these authors is Elisa Carbone, who writes historically accurate books that are intense, interesting, and touching. One novel that she wrote is entitled “Blood on the River: Jamestown 1607” which is a suspenseful story in which an orphan from the streets of England in the year 1606, “Samuel Collier” is shipped to America as an indentured servant of John Smith, who believes they will find fortune in Virginia. What they found is a nightmare. In order to make books such as these, Carbone uses powerful, crucial literary elements. One literary element that Carbone uses is perspective, where she writes in a first person point-of-view as somebody else. She also uses this element to create strong personal moments between the reader and the main character. An example of this is in one of Carbone’s books, entitled “Blood on the River: Jamestown 1607” where as previously mentioned an orphan named Samuel Collier lives on the streets of London. Although no one would care to think for a random urchin living in poverty, Carbone introduces this character with “My feet slap, bare and cold on the cobblestones” (2). Later in the page, Samuel steals a locket from a pawn shop owner that originally belonged to his deceased mother and replied with “It was mine because it was hers.” This brings you

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