The Use Of Medical Records For The Purposes Of Scientific Research

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Introduction The use of medical records for the purposes of scientific research is not a new methodological concept. Physician Alvan Feinstein and co-authors wrote a series of seminal articles articulating the problems associated with medical record reviews in cancer research in 1969 (Feinstein, Pritchett, & Schimpff, 1969a, 1969b). What has changed, however, is the advent of new technology associated with medical records, most notably the rise and proliferation of the electronic health record (EHR). The capabilities of EHRs to integrate patient, clinical, and system-level data into computer-based systems has led to the use of clinical EHRs for numerous research applications including observational, comparative effectiveness, and randomized controlled trial designs (Bayley et al., 2013; Cox et al., 2009; Love et al., 2008; Overhage & Overhage, 2013). However, the use of EHR data for research poses several methodological challenges for the researcher, most notably related to data quality. Quality data forms the crux of all study inferences and conclusions, and is thus an essential part of research design. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to highlight issues pertaining to data quality and describe methods for evaluating and addressing EHR data quality in EHR research.
Analysis of Issues Pertaining to Data Quality in EHR Research Research using EHR data is based on the central premise that data is high quality. However, previous research has uncovered data quality…
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