The Use Of Mercury Sphygmomanometer On The Arterial Blood Pressure Of A Person

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Sphygmomanometer is a hand-held medical device which can be used to measure the arterial blood pressure of a person, commonly comprising of a pressure gauge and an inflatable cuff which is wrapped around the upper arm and attached to a bulb pump. It is used in conjunction with a stethoscope for auscultation. The pump inflates the cuff and the pressure in the cuff built up resulting the blood flow within brachial artery to stop. The pressure is then discharged bits by bit until a sound is detected from the artery utilizing a stethoscope placed on the brachial artery. There are three types sphygmomanometer. A mercury based unit is comprised of an inflatable cuff attached to a tubing which connects to the unit. Due to the risk of mercury spillage which requires specialist removal for disposal, the use of mercury sphygmomanometer has been banned in most clinical environment. An aneroid unit and an automatic unit.(, 2016) Prior to the procedure it is important to ensure that the patient is relaxed and rested for at least five minute as their physiological condition can result in inaccurate blood pressure measurements. The patient’s back and feet must be supported firmly and the legs must not be crossed. The upper arm is kept at heart level whereas the lower arm is passively supported. The Procedure should be carried out in a quite setting and there must be no communication during the whole procedure. 1.1 Blood pressure readings: Blood pressure is

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