The Use Of Mind Altering Substances Has Been About Since

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The use of mind altering substances has been about since prehistoric times. Thought to have been just a modern day dilemma, scientist have proven through archaeological evidence that this is not the case. Neither the substances nor the ways they affect the human body have changed throughout human history. Nor the reason why people indulge in the consumption of illegal substances. People abuse drugs to relieve stress, manage other illnesses and receive a high. Depending on the drug of choice, the toll it takes on the human body differs. Furthermore, injection choice, also plays a factor on how the body is affected. For example, through injection into the bloodstream more immediate results can be expected in comparison to consumption…show more content…
Most users prefer to ingest heroin through injection. Which takes the mind altering substance straight into the bloodstream, resulting in what most users describe as a "rush". In addition to injection through the bloodstream, heroin can also be taken in through different methods. These include to snort or to smoke. Furthermore, the short term effects of heroin last a couple hours then disappear. Theses include; a rush, dry mouth, respiratory depression, nausea and warm flushed skin. Long term effects include; Bad teeth, Inflammation of the gum, Constipation, Cold sweats, Itching Depression, Pustules on the face, Loss of appetite, and Insomnia. In addition to the long term effects of this mind altering drug, heroin can also clog blood vessels that lead to major organs causing organ failure. Not only are users exposed to the effects of the drug, but they are also susceptible to diseases from unsanitary habits. Addicts who inject drugs like heroin are at risk of contracting HIV or HCV through blood contact. Which occurs through the use of sharing needles and other equipment. Furthermore, once heroin reaches the brain, it turns into morphine. It connects to the opioid receptors. Which in turn is in charge of the major components of the brain. Nonetheless, like any other drug users can overdose on heroin. Once this occurs the supply of oxygen reaching the brain ceases causing hypoxia.
Considered the most dangerous substance when consumed in large amounts, alcohol
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