The Use Of Panorama Through History And How It Has Developed

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Panoramic images have been an idea that has dated back to the beginning of human history, through forms like the Boa tapestry and other paintings that captured the ideas of extended view and openness that a normal image can’t do. However more recently this idea has been used creatively to form 360 otherworldly images. In this project I plan on exploring the use of panorama through history and how it has developed to form more interesting ideas. When you look at a panoramic picture you get a sense of extension and a sense that your view has opened up and through these senses I’d like to understand how the idea of a panoramic picture came about and what potential it has on moving forward in the future. Old panorama has been achieved through…show more content…
Understanding the context of why the artist chose to tell this story through panorama could be down to convenience. It is possible that the tapestry was created because there simply wasn’t enough room in a regular image space however the possibility that the choice has a more artistic meaning is present and will later inspire similar ideas. Observing the meaning and ideologies behind the tapestry is difficult due to the sheer size of it. Although we can gather a general vibe from different areas. The artist has used very dull colours throughout the picture, although they would have been dimmed down over time the mood they create has a very dark and medieval tone. Interestingly the faces on the soldiers are extremely lacking in detail, and not so much so that you could blame it on poor artistic talent but it almost seems intentional because there is no way the artist would have been able to recall the looks of each and every soldier on the battlefield however this may have been an artistic point to show the insignificance of the soldiers as their lives were wasted fighting when all that mattered was whether William or Harold II were to die. This is an interesting point that sums up the tapestry as a whole, it displays a 70meter long wall which metaphorically relates to the length of the battle known to have

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