The Use Of Pcms And Sensible Heat On The Thermal Performance Of Hot Water Tanks

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1. Introduction This proposal investigates the possibility of combined use of PCMs and sensible heat to improve the thermal performance of hot water tanks (HWT) hence to shift the peak power demand. And demonstrate a theoretical experiment results about comparison between the proposed system designs and the HWT without combination of PCMs. 2. Background 2.1. Thermal energy storage and phase change materials Thermal energy storage (TES) system store excess thermal energy with different applications and materials and release it for later use. [1] For instance, TES systems is a available means to balanced energy demand between day time peak hours and night time lower usage of energy. Specially, with the applications such like solar…show more content…
[6] Apart from this thermal property, there are other issues also need to be considered when design the PCMs for the thermal energy storage systems. For example, it is preferred to choose high density and small volume change materials, which also called as physical properties [7] because large changes in volume would result in a large and complexity system size. [10] Furthermore, the expenses of the materials, as common sense, are not expected to be too high, which also considered as the economic properties. In other words, the thermal storage system should be sufficient economically efficient. In the study done by Sharma et al. in 2006, a theoretical method to calculate the effect of thermo-physical properties of heat exchanger container materials on the thermal performance of the storage system was given. [11] They gave the conclusion that the PCM complete melting time would decrease due to the enhancement of in thermal conductivity of container material. They also reported that the melted fraction of the PCM would be dominated either by the thickness of heat exchanger container material nor the initial PCM temperature, but the boundary wall temperature during the melting process. 2.3. Thermal energy storage system Thermal storage can be subdivided into several technologies: sensible heat

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