The Use Of Performance Enhancing Drugs Popularly Known As Doping

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Management of doping in sport
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The current issue in sport particularly athletics is the use of performance enhancing drugs popularly known as doping. Spectacular doping cases have risen in the sporting arena that has caused unexpected situations and annoyed the public who are the fans. People have limited knowledge regarding doping though it is an ancient time issue. As a result, some people believe that all professional athletes have always been doped to achieve the standards of good performance and even compete and win in most of the great tournaments (Anderson, 2013). However, the number of athletes that have been positively tested has been small and almost non-representative thus raising suspension that only a few athletes are the influence of drugs. This is not therefore enough to make a generalized conclusion concerning the world of sports.

Overview of doping The high rewards in selective tournaments require that competitors possess some features such as high level of practice and sacrifice regarding energy and time. Others have gone to the extremes of using questionable methods and behaviors in pursuit of these rewards and depending on the sleekness of the fruits; the contestants have gone on to engage in more practices to get there. Some of these activities are against the organizer’s interest, for instance, the use of steroids and other products to enhance performance by professional athletes…
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