The Use Of Plastic Surgery In Daniel Keyes's 'Flowers For Algernon'

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People make lots of sacrifices to fit in. Some sacrifices are getting plastic surgery. When people get Plastic Surgery it is because of pressure to look better. People also act dumber when they are trying to be more popular. People act stupid because being smarter than other people because smart isn’t cool. Some also stop being kind to their real friends to fit in with the more popular kids. They try to drive away their closest friends because they are not popular or cool. They do this fit in with the popular kids. Charlie the end, people do many things to fit in. For example, some get plastic surgery, act stupider, and drive away the people closest to them. They do these things to fit in and become more popular.

In the first half of “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes, the main character has his intelligence increased by surgical means. In the beginning of the story, Charlie is recommended to the doctors by Ms.Kinnian who teaches a night school for adults. Dr.Strauss and Dr.Nemur gave Charlie many tests like an inkblot test and a picture of a group of people that he had to make up a story about. Charlie didn’t understand the concept for either of the test. So he did not see any pictures in the inkblots and he did not want to make up a story about the people because he thought he was lying. Finally, they did the surgery on Charlie. The surgery was successful and after the surgery he beginning to get smarter and smarter. After the surgery, he began to develop a
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