The Use Of Psychological Tactics On Human Behavior

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According to the USDA, the average family will spend anywhere from $146 to $289 on groceries per week. The science behind this outrageous spending cost derives from the basic concept of manipulation; supermarkets will capitalize on human spending by appealing to their basic nature. Humans have become oblivious to their spending over the years because walking into a store to purchase necessities has become more of a privilege than an imperative right. Individuals have the mindset that “name brands” are the only product they desire when in actuality, the only difference between a name brand and the “generic” product is the logo. Emotional scientist have studied the human patterns of shopping and broken it down into a simplistic algorithm that encourages humans to purchase more than they need. Supermarkets use psychological tactics to attract consumers to certain commodities by exploiting product promotion, availability, placement, and social influence- or in other words, marketing.
An emotional scientist or a psychologist is a professional that studies, identifies, and decides which products appeal to the human mind more so than others. This psychologist is not your average Freudian follower- he or she will not tell you that you purchase specific products because of sexual stimulation; rather they will identify certain aspects (color, promotion, etc.) of a product and suggest these features to go into product promotion. Color preference is a personal attribute that is…
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