The Use Of Recreational Drugs And Its Effects On Mental Health

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The use of recreational drugs has been common among humans ever since their psychoactive effects and ability to alter consciousness was discovered. A downside to this is that according to research, substance use has been linked to the development and expression of latent mental illness (a mental disorder that a person may carry the genes for but not express). My main research focus is the question of how drug use, especially hallucinogenic drugs, mediates and effects mental health, and whether it contributes to the prevalence of latent mental illness appearing in an individual, especially those with family histories of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or other mood and personality disorders. I will also discuss reasons why those already diagnosed with mental illnesses may choose to use recreational drugs and the motivations behind their choice, as well as societal problems arising from this decision. Finally, I will focus on the efficacy of using certain drugs in therapeutic settings. Substance Use and the Mentally Ill The use of controlled substances, also known as recreational drugs, is a very common and popular pastime for many. Its prevalence is difficult to measure, since the only reliable method of gathering data on this fact is self-reported usage, and people are unlikely to report their use of an illicit substance, even if their anonymity is protected. Latent mental illnesses in some can be exacerbated by the use of recreational drugs, especially hallucinogenic
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