The Use Of Satire And Humor Is A Vital Function Of Our Society

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Satire and Humor is a Vital Function of our Society Humor and satire is an entertaining and extremely effective method for highlighting social ideologies, challenging a governmental system or an organization, exposing injustice, and encouraging positive change in perspective. In his book, Status Anxiety, Alain de Botton asserts that humorists are a vital part of society as they are always successful in communicating, conveying, and delivering their message or idea to the public and the community. Humorists and satirists have demonstrated their vital role in inspiring freedom of speech and thought, which motivates progressive changes, in political election campaigns hosted on TV almost daily, and in Mark Twain’s satire of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Comedians occasionally and intentionally use offensive and insulting comments to get their message across, however, these statements normally include protected opinions and beliefs about certain issues and global topics. By orally speaking or writing their ideas and beliefs, satirists and comedians act as an example for the public to use their freedom of speech and…show more content…
The novel conveys the civilized way of life in the Southern States, where African Americans are viewed as slaves, without any logic and emotions. By communicating, Huck is obeying his own moral compass and helping Jim to escape, he points out society’s flaws, lack of morality and education about civilization, racist lifestyle. For him to satirize the South’s living standards and lifestyle, Mark Twain speaks up and supports African American’s human rights and freedoms, which probably led African Americans and later women to fight for their political (voting rights, public offices), social (role in society), and economical (equal job wages)
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