The Use Of Social Media During The Crisis And The Uses Responding

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5.Research design 5.1 data collection According to Gregory (2000:62), there are several different research techniques which include quantitative research, qualitative research, mixed research and tracking research. Based on the difference between information collections, it can be also divided into primary research and secondary research (Gregory, 2000:63). Quantitative content analysis has been chosen as the research method for gathering data, where the focus is on how the company makes use of social media during the crisis and the uses responding. The primary and secondary research will be used in the dissertation. The content analysis began with finding the relevant data statistics directly on Dominos and Malaysia’s social media platform. Moreover, we will collect some data from some journal articles Use a historical and a comparative approach will make the content analysis the most valuable (Berger, 2014: 235). All positive messages identified for analysis should be equally matched with their corresponding negative form to ensure balance (Macnamara, 2005). We will use both approaches in this research. Firstly, For domino’s Pizza, we will collect statistic and data from its Facebook, twitter and youtube pages. In Domino’s Facebook page, the date was set between 12 April 2009 and 12 May 2009. In Domino’s Twitter page,we intended to analyze the comments, however, we cannot find the post before 2015. hence, we will mainly use the data from the articles. The date was set for
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