The Use Of Social Media On Women 's Media

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The conversation surrounding women’s roles in the media has been brought more into center focus today through the use of social media. More and more people are joining this conversation with each tweet, blog or Instagram that gets posted. The real questions are: Is this a subject that is being acknowledged globally or just in the US? What kind of advancements have other regions, specifically Central Europe, made that perhaps the US hasn’t? Or vice versa. Why is this a topic that women globally should concern themselves with? A 2014 study done by Women’s Media Center shows that male bylines in the US outnumber women’s by 63-65% in evening broadcasts, Internet and print. How can we expect women to be properly represented when men are controlling the conversation on every major media platform? This is important because the media heavily influences the way society thinks and acts. If women are being over-sexualized on most media fronts, how can we expect the general population to respect women enough to promote one to CEO or vote one in for president? The media has direct influence on our lives and the way our views are shaped. It’s important to be aware of women’s roles in the media, as a negative/incorrect depiction will hinder women’s ability to live up to their full potential. Worldwide, women have still yet to fully break “the glass ceiling,” but what can we, as a nation, take away from the progress or stagnation of other regions, such as Central Europe? Before
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