The Use Of Steam By Burning Coal On The World Essay

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One of the best ways to display human progress is with inventions and innovations that changed the world. The creation of steam by burning coal allowed for European empires to expand and conquer new lands. When humans developed the Internet, there were goods and services available at ones fingertips. Buyers could find what they wanted almost instantaneously and sellers could market their product to a larger population. With the harnessing of nuclear power for electricity came the fear of meltdowns, something that humans mustn’t let deter them from reaping the benefits of nuclear energy. Simply put steam is the product of water that has reached its boiling point of 100 degrees Celsius. Enough energy has been put into a body of water that it changes from a liquid to a gas. This gas contains a great amount of energy because water is an excellent absorber. Steam has been around since the formation of the earth; water has always collided with magma, hot rocks, and other major sources of energy. But it was when humans were able to mass produce steam and harness it that it had a profound impact on human society. At first steam was produced by burning wood, a fairly renewable natural resource, and was used for various purposes. The problem with wood was that it was limited in its quantity and availability. Large growing societies had to keep pushing outward into forests and the frontier to supply enough wood being demanded by those in cities. Civilizations like that of China had
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