The Use Of Stigmas On Mental Illnesses

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There are various stigmas associated with mental illnesses, many of which, are both incorrect, and uninformed. There will be several articles discussed in this paper. All of the articles mentioned here with deal with such mental illness stigmas, such as stigmas that affect the current generation, how the mentally ill are discriminated against in everyday life, and how one’s culture affects how he or she views mental illnesses. Discussed here will also be said article’s findings, such as the results of its experiment, and what measurements were used. These articles agree that stigmas are every where, regardless of culture, age, or social standing, but that the intensity and importance of those stigmas do vary.
Culture and Generation Stigmas
Stigmas on mental illnesses are evident in every generation, and in every culture. The problem is, many people fail to realize that stigmas and stereotypes concerning mental illnesses vary greatly from culture to culture, and are based on said person’s severity and cause of mental health issues. There are a deal great of experiments that were designed to explain mental illness stigmas, such as how a certain stigma varies from culture to culture, and through said cultures’ age group. The various articles will discuss how a culture, and both the severity and cause of one’s mental illness, all affect how mentally ill people are viewed, and treated.
First Article and its Experiments A person’s view the mentally ill rely greatly on…
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