The Use Of Structural Family Therapy

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Another way to provide Ana with support is through the use of structural family therapy. However, it should be noted that Diamond and Josephson’s review of the research (2005) found that families that received behavior management training (BMT) first, stayed in treatment longer, suggesting that tools for behavior management be provided first before working on family conflict (Diamond & Josephson, 2005). Additionally, Malekpour, Hadi, and Aghababaei (2015) found that parents play an important role in training of children diagnosed with ADHD. Therefore, the counselor would work with the family to provide BMT before working on dysfunctional family interactions. For example, the counselor would educate the parents on the use of a homework card for acknowledgment of positive behaviors that occurred in school and then it would be sent home to be shared with the family. If Ana did well, the parents would provide Ana with a reward. One study found that families’ perspectives on the impact of their child’s ADHD symptoms led to increased stress within the family (Davis, Claudius, Palinkas, Wong, & Leslie, 2012). In addition, a review of a Meta-analysis found that family based interventions decreased ADHD symptoms (Malekpour, Hadi, & Aghababaei, 2015). Therefore, through the use of structural family therapy, the counselor would work with the family to change the family structure to become functional in family interactions and communication, thus providing support to reduce stress
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