The Use Of Supplements And Its Effects On The Health

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The difficulty maintaining health isn’t as simple as eating properly. The side effects experienced from chemotherapy can span widely including “nausea, mouth sores, and taste changes that may make it difficult to eat or drink” (“Nutrition Recommendations”). These effects often lead to the lack of an appetite but there are some ways to assure that your dietary intake is sufficient. Eating small portions more often is sometimes easier than eating large meals (“Nutrition Recommendations”). Keeping snacks handy and utilizing different types of shakes and other drink mixes can provide necessary calories while also being very convenient (Mayo). Another great solution is adding oils or butters to foods; this can be accomplished in the cooking process or even by simply dipping snacks or fruit in peanut butter (Mayo). Maintaining nutrition is markedly more difficult when dealing with these factors so simply leaving a patient to navigate through the wealth of information available online and hoping they can extract meaningful information and then apply it correctly is a fatally flawed approach.
The use of supplements is becoming more and more common to help maintain nutritional balance. Supplements are a great means of getting required vitamins and minerals, especially if food consumption has become difficult due to side effects from chemotherapy. “Human growth and development requires thirteen vitamins” (Keane and Chace, 87) but simply taking a multivitamin isn’t sufficient. We need…
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