The Use Of Tablets, Mobile Phones, Or Pda 's ( Personal Digital )

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Introduction There are many instances where people need to collect data from remote places or in the ‘field’ where items like electricity are limited or nonexistent or the weather does not allow the use of the traditional pen and paper in collecting and recording data. Such instances require innovative ways to collect (and possibly transmit) data in real time and as fast as possible in a format that decision makers can quickly use. Thus is especially useful in instances where there are emergencies such as natural disasters, famines, disease outbreaks, or even wars and conflicts. One technology that comes to the rescue is the mobile phone/ device, in which data can be collected, stored, and shared, or in some cases even analyzed. MDC…show more content…
Comparisons and discussions In selecting the MDC to use for a particular purpose, it is essential that one establish the suitability of the chosen MDC platform for their particular purpose. Most field applications are evaluations in which surveys are undertaken, so the MDC used must be suitable for surveys. Surveys may entail taking people’s direct views or statements, their photographs or small video clips, geographical locations, as well as bio- data. For instance, a livelihoods survey for onward transmission to donors and development partners will require pictures of the target persons their economic, and bio- data as well as possibly stories told by them. The MDC to use must not only be able to collect quantitative information, but must have multimedia applications/ components in which voice, image or video can also be captured (Parikh et al., 2006). Generally, most MDC’s are designed to work in situations in which mostly quantitative data is being collected, but situations where long and often open-ended responses are required; MDC platforms are likely to have limited use. However, it is still possible to take voice clips in MP3 format as well as images and videos in MP4 formats, as well as take the geographic coordinates of the survey location in addition to the quantitative data. MDC platforms are usually not suited for use in instances where long
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