The Use Of Technology On Children

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Use of Technology Technology use in the world grows with each and every day. New developments are made according to the changes that go on in our everyday lives. It’s no surprise that children get to be aware of technology at a very young age. Schools and families are stuck at a place where they are not really sure on how to use technology as entertainment and learning gadgets. Tablets, computers and smartphones are the ones that are mostly used by children to access everything that surrounds us on a daily basis and during their free time (Winograud and Hais, 2011). It has therefore raised a lot of concerns and concerning their behaviors, how they spend their free time and also how they learn. According to Walterman and Machill (2000), technology has affected children in both positive and negative ways. It has helped improve communication among children making them connect with each other anytime of the day. Geographical barriers are no longer issues when it comes to communication anymore as there are platforms that allow them to communicate with people who are far away such as WhatsApp. However, an overuse in technology has made some children to be socially isolated from the outside world as most of them spend time on the screens thus lesser human interaction time with their peers. Technology has gotten its way into education as students are able to access the internet which helps them to access the information they need in their research and everyday learning. On the other hand, using technology in school has negatively affected students as they tend to have short-term memories which again lack the abilities to critically think. Finally, technology is used by children in gaming. Parents and children are now able to download games from the internet which can be educative and entertaining. Its negative effect however is that children no longer spend time outside playing thus they do not exercise in anyway making them gain much weight and have other problems that are associated with weight gain. I have explained in detail about this topic in the following paragraphs below. Communication is a key part of each and every person’s life including the children. Technology helps children to be able to connect with
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