The Use Of Technology

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Every year as a society technology advances and plays a stronger role in everyday lives of people. The new technology companies have promised to connect us with one another and make society run faster, smarter and healthier. Unfortunately, their predictions were wrong the use of technologies not only cost ridiculous amounts of money but it has disconnected society and made a new way of life with no face to face interactions. Technology in our everyday lives has completely altered the way we live our lives, Technology’s goal was to keep us connected but it has done the opposite to our society. The use of technology destroys social speaking skills, face to face interactions, and creates problems when technology is misused. Nowadays instead of overcoming small fears and speaking out loud in front of a class, students choose to instead just record themselves speaking into a camera then playing the video in front of the class. Being able to do this was all made possible by modern-day technologies. This is just one of the many scenarios where technologies have given students and others an easy way out and never really leaving their comfort zone speaking in front of the class and other people. The use of technologies has destroyed social speaking skills that are so vital in workplaces and where communication is necessary. If the revolution of technology continues to change the way of life soon the youth and generations to come may not ever know how to speak to an adult or a boss,
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