The Use Of Teens Abusing Drugs In School

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Teens abusing drugs while in school is not the right way because they struggle while they are in class and affects their learning. Teens getting addicted to drugs while in school. Teens In a young age do drugs while in school, high schoolers having young friends, peer pressure the teenagers to do drugs with them. Teenagers bring drugs to school and leaving or doing drugs during school isn't the right way to come to school because people try to act cool around other people, teens haven't seen how they act in person. Teens not doing drugs would succeed in life because they would not have a slow mentality because after teens start doing drugs a lot they slow down and they can't listen well. The article of "More teens using drugs at school, study shows" by Eileen FitzGerald. Jorgensen stated, "This is a cultural problem. They think it's all right. Teenagers are concrete and decriminalizing marijuana makes them think it's legal"(FitzGerald). Teens are thinking they are old enough to smoke or do drugs and, also, they leave school to get drugs. Teens also get peer pressure from other friends because they call them names and they just try to give their friends a bad example and affects their future by becoming addicted to it. Teens think that it's good to be doing drugs during school because they go around school and people realize that something is wrong with them how they act or learn during school. In addition, many are using drugs at school. "17 percent of American high
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