The Use Of Time Tried Industry Concepts And Principles

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The Importance of Brand Consistency in Social Media. Masters of marketing know that any successful branding plan requires the use of time tried industry concepts and principles. Identifying a foolproof blueprint that illuminates what is unique about your brand identity and company values is essential. This is especially true when considering a social media branding plan. Social media branding is a huge and crowded universe. Mastering it is on every marketer’s to do list. It has an extremely low threshold for entry (anyone can start a Facebook page or build a Twitter handle), thus it draws all types of questionable characters and practices. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that recent surveys show that ninety-five percent of…show more content…
When two companies are offering similar services or products at a similar cost, it is the strength of a company’s brand that causes a consumer choose one company over another. Many companies, especially smaller businesses with limited budgets, employ a ‘marketing-on-the-fly’ strategy that is short on consistency and tall on following trends. This approach can hurt much more than it helps over time. Inconsistent branding efforts can cause a consumer to mistrust your brand or to harbor confusion over the quality of products or services that are on offer. In a well-executed social media branding campaign, all elements within a post will define or support a previously defined element of your branding stance. Each post on a company’s official social media platform not only builds or upholds the perception of what your company stands for, but it also conveys core values, and represents the entirety of the company’s experience to any potential online customer. Savvy marketers envision each post as a ‘pact’ of sorts that represents the ideals that the company promises to uphold should a person become a customer. An excellent example of powerfully consistent social media branding is represented by the Dove Soap “Real Beauty,” campaign which utilized ‘regular’ sized non-spokes model women to sell their bars of soap. These women
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