The Use Of Use Of Advertisements On Advertising

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The Use of Animals in Rhetorical Advertising The use of an owl to sell glasses is perhaps an influence to grab people’s attention. Many ads today use animals, and as a result intrigue people to obtain products that companies are demonstrating in their ads. Moreover, the “America’s Best” ad uses one fact, the $69.95 price, but supports it with evidence to impress people about their glasses and how the company constructs them. The current television advertisement is depicting an owl promoting “America’s Best” glasses to a lady, which conveys the use of rhetoric in prosperous ads. This advertisement portrays the idea of shopping at “America’s Best” for eyeglasses. First of all, an owl is perched on the back of a park bench, adjacent to a lady. In addition, the owl’s attire includes his eyeglasses from “America’s Best”, while the lady is wearing glasses from another place. The owl turns to the woman and says “You know you paid too much for those glasses?”. Then, the woman responds “Who?”. As the conversation continues, the owl keeps ranting about how “America’s Best” has a deal for two pairs of glasses for $69.95 and a free eye exam included. Throughout the entire ad, the woman teases the owl about the deal that America’s Best is offering by saying “who” repeatedly. Near the conclusion of the ad, the owl catches on to the woman’s tactics and he gets frustrated with her habitual use of the question “who?”. The ad targets people that wear glasses, since the advertisement
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