The Use Of Various Management Tools And Strategies

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Introduction The Rufus Company is a global business group that sells business problem solutions with specifically designed products to move liquids for customers in various markets. The company welcomed a new vice president into operations and the problems began and escalated through the company. After reading and analyzing the case study concerning the Rufus Company, the company faces several strategic problems to address and investigate with the use of various management tools and strategies to help it re-establish itself and achieve its objectives in a way to thrive into the future. Described next is the strategic problems the company developed. Strategic Problems There are a few strategic problems facing the Rufus Company. First,…show more content…
Unfortunately, when the new management entered the organization, he worried about taking the same approach as the competition. The system, which flowed efficiently, changed, and when the results did not meet the desired outcome, the manager changed his mind, which happened often. The new manager did not understand what he was implementing, hence operations lost their efficiency. It also created problems with the employees working, as their roles or responsibilities changed. As for the organizational strategy, the greatest problem with the various strategic problems is the organization lacks the synergy and strategic convergence it once possessed. None of the individual units work as a united front, trying to work together for the success of the company. With each unit working alone, the organization forfeits economies of scale and the transfer of best practices. Each area also loses vital information needed to aid the organization in fulfilling its vision, which is now without purpose and clouded. Incidentally, the organization incurred other strategic issues as their competencies, described next, show. Even the Rufus Company’s strategic competencies are losing ground. The sourcing and purchasing strategy concentrates on meeting the organizations needs match the supplier market. It requires knowing what the organization buys, from whom, at what price, and what volume, and currently the
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