The Use Of Water Use In TheLast Call At The Oasis?

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In today’s society, the idea of a limited resource is not a foreign concept. Most people understand that eventually humans will use up many of these resources, such as fossil fuels, and they will cease to exist. However, very rarely does a conversation about limited resources get started over the water. While water itself is not a limited resource, clean drinkable water is becoming scarcer as people continue to use excess water. The documentary “Last Call at the Oasis” highlights how precious water is to survival and just how much miss use of water occurs in the United States alone. Even though the United States has gone down the wrong path with its water consumption methods, it may not be too late to recover. With the proper systems and education in place, the chances of delaying a water crisis increase exponentially. In the documentary, “Last Call at the Oasis” it highlights the dark side of the excessive use of water by humans. It is no secret that water is the most important part of human survival, but how humans have been using water has taken a tremendous toll on the water supply. Water use is truly a tragedy of the commons, and as mentioned in the documentary, Lake Mead is just one example of how excess water use is affecting the water supply. Lake Mead provides water to Las Vegas and the surrounding regions as well as produces power with the Hoover Dam. However, the water level of Lake Mead has been dropping at a rate of 10 feet per year. While this may not seem
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