The Use and Applications of Mental Imagery

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Sometimes we think of imagination as something that is relegated to children, but we imagine things all the time when we come up with a new idea or just think about what will happen next, unfortunately this can cause a lot of stress, as we imagine everything that can go wrong and how we may fail. This response may be a defense, but it can be very harmful in modern society as modern “threats” usually do not involve running from a tiger, so the adrenaline will not help.
visualizations have been used by very many cultures throughout history all over the world for healing. This form of healing failed to become popular in western culture after loosing some credibility during the renascence. It made a come around however after the introduction of psychology .
A early psychologist named Carl Jung used a form of visualization to help his patients overcome recurring nightmares and their physical symptoms. Clinical Psychology eventually adopted the use of imagination for treatments for things like systematic desensitization which is when you imagine positive images to help override stress and fear. its also used in diagnostic tests for example the ink blot test.
two journals one by Yale University and the other by Marquette University have produced studies using mental imagery as a complimentary tool for everything from…
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