The Use and Types of Electrocardiograms

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The Patients assessment tool is the equipment, which are used to treat the patients either outdoors or inside hospital or in any medical centers. An Electrocardiogram (ECG) monitor is a simple diagnostic test to tell about the heartbeat by placing some electrodes on our body. ECG monitor also provide all the heart related problems and the functioning of heart. An ECG monitor is a simple painless noninvasive test that can be performed in virtually any clinic, doctor office or medical facility. From ECG monitor it is possible to determine whether our rhythm is normal or abnormal. Abnormal rhythm includes slow rhythms (Brady cardiac), fast rhythms (tachycardia’s) and heart block. In addition, the ECG monitor can show the effects of…show more content…
In case of paramedic it will not always be assessable. In some case heart muscles become becomes hypoxic, injured or dies. Also the electrical conduction system may be damaged or disturbed and may cause the improper functioning of the heart. Sometimes these conditions produce an irritability of the heart that causes the uncoordinated firing of electrical ventricular impulses called premature ventricular complexes (PUC). ( Mistovic & karren 2014) There are notable challenges where paramedic face with ECG Monitor. Some challenges include: - Time dependency:-with time varying bio signals there is high risk of instantaneous changes which may endanger biometric security. Collective periods:- As opposed to biometrics such as the face, iris or the finger print where the biometric information is available for capturing at any time instance, this is not the case with the ECG signals. Privacy implication:- when collecting ECG a large amount of sensitive information is collected inevitably. Cardiac conditions:- Although cardiac disorders are not as a frequent damaging factor as injuries for more convention biometrics (finger print, face) they can limit ECG bio metric methods. (agrafioti, gao & hatzinakos 2011) Rating the ECG monitor Diagnostic Test In order to help our patients what they can understand from ECG diagnostic test we have few point which they rate them according to important. - The level of pain for the patients-low, medium, high
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