The Use of Benchmarking for Blackberry

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Many times organizations are caught in the trial and error process without having any successful progress. According to Summers (2009), “Effective organizations use benchmarking to compare their key measures of performance with those of others in order to determine where improvement opportunities exist.” (p. 291).If we compare a particular area in which the company is struggling to a company that is successful at doing it, the company can use this information and adapt it to their processes.
For this particular assignment, the manufacturing company to be analyzed is the Blackberry Corporation. Blackberry, in my opinion, was the most influential company in developing smart phones. Smart phones were initially considered as business devices, but as the product developed, now it is considered a requirement for most cell phone users. The problem with Blackberry is that it got trapped on developing the “business model” devices, rather than fulfilling the requirements of customers. Once focused on professionals who used the devices for work, now Blackberry needs to gear their attention to fulfilling customers’ demands regardless of their age and their reasons for use. The company needs to focus on implementing a wide variety of software and hardware enhancements to fulfill the needs of a now larger range of customers.
Blackberry’s market share keeps declining every year, despite…

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