Essay on The Use of Bioremediation to Clean Up the Environment

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Today Bioremediation has gained unparalleled importance in scientific fields. The term bioremediation very effectively describes its most important characteristic which is the use of living microorganisms for the improvement of the environment and maintaining a homeostasis in the ecosystem. It is used to clean up a vast range of hazardous waste from industries, farms, cities etc. These days the amount of pollutants and the variety of pollutants in the environment are increasing exponentially. This is why more and more efforts are being made in terms of the use of microorganisms for the conservation and protection of the biosphere. It works on the principle that microorganisms can transform the hazardous toxic wastes into less toxic or non…show more content…
Studies have shown that there is presence of microorganisms (mainly bacteria) as deep as 1900 feet inside the rocks and 8500 feet below the sea level (Oskin and Becky 2013). The heavy metals and radioactive substances present as deep as these can only be remediated or transformed with the help of microorganisms into less harmful or non harmful products. These depths are otherwise inaccessible without excavation or mining practices which are again harmful processes from environmental respect.

e. Bioremediation helps in efficiently reducing pollution and thereby protecting the environment from hazardous and toxic substances. As bioremediation uses living organisms so the chances of further damage to the environment become minimal which is not the case when chemical or physical methods are used for the removal of hazardous wastes.

f. Bioremediation is extremely cost effective. It is less expensive than other technologies because the cost of production of remedial techniques is negligible in comparison to other available remedial technologies. This is mainly because microorganisms are naturally present in the environment so the cost of production gets diminished.

g. It can be carried out on the site of contamination easily so that there is no need for the transport of wastes. This also reduces the transport cost. It is also beneficial as sometimes the environment can become further contaminated during the transport of
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