The Use of Cloning Technologies Essay

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The Use of Cloning Technologies

The ethical debate concerning cloning that has inevitably followed since the announcement and much celebrated birth of Dolly the Sheep in 1997, is highly charged and emotive. When human cloning is mentioned it normally has negative connotations with the individual conjuring up a mental picture of a sub-human creature with an almost Frankenstein like appearance. Many people are afraid of the idea because it is a new technology and relatively misunderstood, and with the media using shock headlines to sell newspapers, this alone feeds the fear within us.

There is of course much uncertainty over the meaning of ‘cloning’. This is the generalised term used by
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Those in favour of cloning technology claim that it is a far more efficient form of reproduction as the success rate is higher and better controlled, where multiple pregnancies can be eradicated if required. For those couples, who desire children but cannot reproduce naturally or with the assistance of IVF, it would enable them to have a child that is biologically related to them. The questions automatically derived from this, centre around the uncertainty of the lifespan of the clone and premature ageing: would an ‘old’ adult cell necessarily begin life again in an egg? Would a clone maintain a healthy lifestyle or would it be more prone to cancer or other diseases, and fundamentally is it ethical for scientists to defy the order of nature?

When considering whether human cloning should be allowed, we must ask ourselves whether it is the natural progression of reproduction or the abolition of nature. In 2002, the organisation Clonaid announced the birth of their first human clone on 26th December. Eve was born by caesarean section having been created using similar technology to that used to clone Dolly the sheep. Clonaid claimed to have four other mothers imminently expecting to give birth to clones, one of which was to a Japanese couple who cloned their dead son after he had been killed in a motoring accident. “All five babies are fit and well” claimed Dr
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