The Use of Computer Systems to Read the Handwriting of Doctors

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With a few modifications, computer systems that can read the handwriting of doctors and that automatically check for medicinal conflicts for patients can be improved and provide immense benefit to both physicians and patients. The principle problem with these systems is that sometimes doctors do not log out and, when another doctor uses this system, medicine is prescribed for the wrong patient. The first feature that can be added to such a computer system to prevent this issue from occurring is to make it so that each time medicine is prescribed for a patient, doctors have to log in possibly by utilizing the new OneID technology (Skelton, 2012). This way, doctors will readily identify themselves before they prescribe medication, virtually assuring patients that they will not get the medicine that a previous doctor prescribed to someone else. It is possible to change settings for password requirements (Mitchell, no date) Although this system may become tedious for doctors who are attempting to prescribe more than one medication for a particular patient, it will certainly correct the greater wrong of patients getting incorrect medicine. An alternative solution to this problem, which may not be as tedious as the first, would be for the computer system to require doctors to input the name of the particular patient they are prescribing medicine for following the conclusion of ordering a prescription. The implementation of this measure would also greatly reduce, if not

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