The Use of Conflict in the Short Fiction Story

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The Use of Conflict in Short Fictions Conflict is an essential element of plot. It reflects the main character’s struggle in a story. Plot is developed based on the conflict. Therefore, a good story often contains one or more conflicts, which can lead the story from the exposition to the climax, and then the resolution. In addition, it is also a significant tool used by the writers to reflect the problems in real life. Writers In “The Appointment in Samarra”, W. Somerset Maugham uses the conflict between human and supernatural to teach us a specific lesson about death and destiny. In the story, Maugham illustrates the fear of dying, which is the natural part of human nature by describing the servant’s reaction after seeing the Death in the marketplace. “The servant came back, white and trembling” (Maugham) Trying to avoid his fate, the servant borrows a horse from the merchant in order to run away from the Death “as fast as the horse could gallop”. (Maugham) The place he heads to is Samarra, where the servant believes that “Death will not find me”. (Maugham) However, Maugham tells us the place the Death will meet the servant is Samarra, where the servant fled to. Here he shows us the power of the supernatural, which is a conflict with the fear of human nature. Therefore, although the servant escaped, he just ended up going along with what fate had for him and couldn't change his destiny. In the plot, Maugham tells us the moral through the resolution of the

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