The Use of Drugs as a Recreation Essay

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In today’s society there are many dangers many of which can be avoided and many that cannot. Such unavoidable dangers are what keep everyone alert on a daily basis even though accidents are unavoidable the best way of mitigating such things are to expect the unexpected precisely the reason for so many cautionary measures such as seatbelts in cars, anti-venom in medicine, fire prevention sprinklers in every building, and specially designed structures in building in the case of a natural disaster. One danger however that is nearly impossible to control or mitigate is the use of drugs in the form of recreation. In 2010 the leading cause of death in the United States was drug over doses, claiming the lives of approximately 38,329 people 22,134…show more content…
Amyl Nitrite has a chemical formula of C5H11ONO and because it is a nitrite and is non-reactive it belongs to the Alkyl groups of elements. Amyl Nitrite is used as a vasodilator in the medical field meaning that it helps widen the blood vessels by the relaxation of the smooth muscle in the body and with the proper dosage can help those with heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. The use of the drug in the recreational function is due to the fact that it gives users a “rush.” In a person with normal blood pressure the use of Amyl Nitrite expands already normal functioning blood vessels making blood rush through them at an abnormal rate that the brain and heart are not used to handling, which, in turn makes the person sustain a drunken state of mind making the individual light headed, dizzy, relaxation of the muscle making even simple movements seem difficult, an increases heart rate which can eventually force the heart to over work itself causing a stroke or deadly heart attack, uncontrolled laughing and giggling, and many users have claimed it heightens sexual arousal. Amyl Nitrite is a flammable liquid with a scent of pear drops, and is often sold in bottles. Shaking the bottle and opening the cap, which then releases an aroma that is inhaled by the user, ingests Amyl Nitrite. What makes this inhalant so dangerous is the fact that when it is used for recreational
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