The Use of Electricity and Magnetism in Our Future Transportation

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Society has advanced dramatically in the past century, and along with that transportation has shifted from the reliable horse and buggy to planes, trains, and automobiles. After the invention of the motor vehicle we have never looked back when it comes to creating innovative new designs and creating more efficient automobiles. Planes and Trains have also made a leap in the past century forever changing the time it takes to travel places. In the present time period we have massive trains engines that can pull miles and miles of train cars. We have hybrid cars that average over 50 miles per gallon, and massive planes that can carry hundreds and hundreds of people around the globe in record timing. The question is how can we make these forms…show more content…
Fully electric cars are the future of ground transportation. The use of electricity in cars will also have a massive impact on future transportation. Large engines that use combustible fuel usually drive trains, but electric trains are also being used around the world and have been for decades. Electric trains are used around the world most for transportation of people instead of goods. Their electric motors are powered from a receiver that remains in contact with a wire supplying the electricity that runs parallel with the train. Electric trains are more efficient, cheaper to run, and they can accelerate much faster than their previous predecessors (“Electric Locomotives, The Definition Of Efficiency,” n.d.). Future electric trains will be able to travel faster than ever before, and eventually they will be build all around the United States and other countries to provide extremely fast travel at cheaper costs (“Electric Locomotives, The Definition Of Efficiency,” n.d.). High-speed electric trains today are extremely fast, but they are mostly used in Europe and other places, like Japan. Future trains in America, and around the world, could have a more futuristic look to them. A man named Elon Musk proposed the idea of a “vac-train” after he “revived an

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